City Builder

on a touchscreen table with Unity3D

Framework & Tools
Unity 5.3.1, VisualStudio 2015, Git, Slack

(Just have a look further for more explanations)

Programming Language
Hardware provider
Supported platforms
Android 4.4 and later,
Windows 7/8/8.1/10

(Built on Windows Store)

Project Demonstration
Open Digital Lab

Imaginove is a competitive cluster based in Lyon and whose goal is to federate projects and businesses belonging to the digital industry.
At the end of 2015 began the 1st edition of the Open Digital Lab, a cross-school educational project whose theme was creating an urban museum about Villeurbanne’s skycrappers, a famous district of the city.
Villeurbanne 2130
Villeurbanne 2130,
a city builder game
5 training institutes were involved in this edition, developing 6 digital projects aimed at showcasing the district from its creation in 1930 up to its potential future in 2130. Finding enough people among those 5 schools to work on these projects was in itself challenging, that’s why Imaginove resorted to external people besides students.
Guess what ?… I was one of these people !
And I found myself to be the one programmer on one of these projects…
The Crew !

Let’s start with a small introduction of the Team Members :
  • Producer : Cécilia Chatelet
  • Game Designers : Théophile Lamotte & Yohann Guttierez
  • Artists (2D / 3D) : Suzon Lagarde & Julien Rivoalen
  • Sound & Music Designer : Paddy Smith
  • Programmer : Me ! 
  • Our partner from Biin company who was lending the touchscreen table : Antoine Josnin
  • And eventually our part-time Jurist : Charles Buclon
Open Digital Lab

Did you notice that I mentioned Slack as a tool for this project ?
This is a messaging app that is very useful for team communication, especially if you’re geographically scattered as we were during the development of this game.
I’ve not always been a game programmer, I have managed projects and people for 15 years, and if I have one advice when it comes to project management : “Care about communication !” (Really…)
You’ve got tools that help a lot and I appreciate Slack because it lets you share information in several ways : Instant messaging, notifications, files sharing, app integration, …
Nonetheless, a tool is not more than a means and the communication has to be the center of your preoccupations !
Game top view
Presentation of “Villeurbanne 2130” during the days of the Open Digital Lab
Villeurbanne 2130 is a serious game in which you build the skyscrapper’s district of the future.
After a short tutorial showing you how to drag and drop new buildings on the map, you can give rein to your imagination in a kind of sandbox experience :

  • Choose between 2 building categories : Biotechnology or Electrotechnology
  • Each category includes 4 kinds of structure : Power plant, Dwelling, Shopping center and Park
Types of buildings
4 types of buildings and 2 categories (Biotechnology is green… surprisingly !)
  • Try to keep the 3 aspects of the district as high as possible : Energy surplus, Population welfare and Housing capacity
  • Each type of building increases or decreases one of these aspects, whose value shall remain positive to allow new construction.
Try to increase the values shown on the gauges to get the perfect district
  • Drag and drop buildings on a 2D isometric representation of the Villeurbanne’s skycrappers district.
  • Placement is managed by a virtual grid and by visual and audio feedbacks.
Placement rules
Buildings are fading out when colliding, a red base tells you that you cannot put it in this place
  • The more you place buildings on the map, the more music tracks are triggered in order to play the music theme, which can be jazzy or electro depending on the type of structures you placed (Biotechnologic or Electrotechnologic).
  • The game is intended to be played on a Mosaïque touchscreen table with a 55-inch display. You cannot zoom in but it supports up to 10 touch inputs and several people can play the game at once.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

(Neither this website, by the way…)

So much things to say about this project, starting with some technical solutions that I had to implement in Unity :

  • UI features
  • Resizing and scaling in canvas
  • Animations
  • Multitouch inputs
  • Isometric 2D grid
  • Buildings relative placements
  • Triggers
  • And so on…

Presentation of “Gameplay video on PC (no multitouch here)
Rather than detailing all of these in this page, I will make a feedback of my experience throughout my blog.
I intend to share my code sources too, as well as some builds….
Just be patient if you want to create your own city !