“ We have two lives.
The second begins when we realize we have only one. ”


My name is Lionel and I code in peace* (* Please, don’t be too rash with my puns…)


I am a Freelance Programmer.
I was born in Lyon (France) in 1974 and I live in Aix-les-Bains, a cute little town not far from Switzerland and nestled in mountains. By the way, I like very much living here and occasionally I love going hiking or riding my bike in this beautiful nature !
Okay… not too often however, ’cause It’s true : I spend most of my time in front of my computer… and I like that !
Well, I can’t define myself as a technology-addict (except as regards digital stuff) because I’m curious about all sorts of things : Sciences (hard and soft), People, Religions and Mythology, Philosophy, Literature, Movies, Bad puns, Lolcats,… and Gaming !
Not the view from my window, but not far from it

How can you recognize an Old Gamer ?
Ask him what he was playing in the beginning !
This guy looks happy ! I hate him...
Big Kid ? No, I don’t think so…

Games ?

I have been playing video games since the early 80s and I’ve seen many digital revolutions (I know, I’m not the only one ^^).
I have always been a passionate about that… but I was a Role Playing Gamer well before I dived into video games !
You know ? I’m talking about real RPGs, the ones you play around a table, with dices and friends (not necessarily in that order), like Dungeon and Dragons ! Dices
Therefore you are going to think that I am a Big Kid… and maybe you will be right…

“ Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway ”

Sydney J. Harris

I used to be a Serious Guy…

I have not always been a Programmer but I worked as an Engineer since I was graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers in 1997.
ENSAMThere, I’ve learned much about Material, Technical Design and Production
…and indeed I’ve achieved lots of different things in almost 15 years :

  • Plastic parts technical design for Automotive, Communication or Medical fields
  • Project management in Filtration Units for industrial production liquids
  • Project and Team Management in Air Conditioning products like close control units used in data centers
  • Project management and Data Analysis in Information Systems

Some of the designs I was involved in, as designer or project manager

Etrali Product Filtration Unit Close Control Unit
Plastic parts
Industrial Filtration Unit
Air Conditioning Unit

From the times when I was working in these industries, I’ve learned about managing people, projects, new and various technologies, being rigorous and adaptable to situations.

… and I am still this Guy

I started to make programs for fun several years ago, because I liked that and because it was useful for my job and for table top RPG tools. One day, I decided that it would be my full-time job.
After all, Video Games were a respectable industry for a number of years and I wanted to be part of the adventure !


I needed to get professional skills for that, and I did a Master Degree in a specialized school before starting my new life !
And for sure this is an exciting adventure, full of new things to learn (Tools, programming languages, methods or architecture), cool people passionate about their job, challenges and wonderful creations !

“Trust Me, I never Lose; I either win or learn!”

Unknown author (Incorrectly attributed to Nelson Mandela)

And here I am today : Programming Serious or Entertaining Games, always eager to discover new technologies, new projects and new people ! I really hope that we will have the opportunity to have exchanges about programming, so ask me should you need any advice on this subject !

Logo Pro-metheus

Why Prometheus ?

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was known as the creator of mankind and the one who has given it the fire stolen from Mount Olympus.

The titan is a mythological figure full of symbols.
Since the ancient times, he was depicted as savior, rebel, arrogant, transgressor, freethinker and many more… He took great risks and he paid for that !

But the things that stands out for me is that Prometheus has made his own way and he shared his knowledge with humanity.